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Pedro Siratz

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Pedro Siratz was born and rised in the happy and sunny south of Spain (Jaén, Andalucia), then he moved to Majorca for career developing, London and then back to Majorca and currently enjoying the countryside in the south west of France to carry on with is art.

He has been always intrigued by art in all its disciplines, since his parents were acting in theatre and he was always surrounded by all kind of artists. In his early life he was drawing constantly what was surrounding him. Religion figures and people were taking life out from his pencil. He was getting inspired by divinities and their power what made him dream about the unconscious domination of culture over people. He believes that people are made out of culture and society inputs, and it also changes if the person realises and decides to change the predicted life path.

Pedro's humble drawings got noticed when he was not even 13 y.o. so he got the opportunity to design the magazine cover for the Retail association in his home town.

In his teenage years Pedro experienced the impact of conventional life so he was hardly trying to fit in prefabricated personalities accepted by society, therefore those were artistically his blank years. Disoriented driven by love failures Pedro took the best and most ambitious path on his life and moved in London, where all the magic started. Currently living and working in Palma de Mallorca where he is evolving and connecting his pieces with more colourful art themes.

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